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America's Animal Clinic is prepared to qualify your pet for travel throughout the United States or to any foreign country. Dr. Hodgson is accredited through the USDA and has been providing service and paperwork for all the requirements to each country for several years. Accurate paperwork assures a safe trip with no or minimal quarantine or rejection of the pet upon arrival.

Whether you are relocating or visiting, we understand how stressful the preparation and travel process can be. Before you begin your trip, give us a call and we can walk you through the process of what your pet(s) need(s) prior to departure.

Although we deal with mostly dogs and cats, we have had some exposure to the documents and shipping requirements for snakes, guinea pigs, micro-mini pigs, domestic fox, and various avian species.

If you would like to use a pet relocation company, Airpets America is available to handle all your transport needs. Located next door to America's Animal Clinic, they can be reached at 1.866.738.7447 or check out their website at http://airpetsamerica.com/page-examples/meet-team/


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