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In March of 2016, this business is now four and a half years old. August 1, 2011 marks our opening day and Dr. Dale Hodgson’s journey at America’s Animal Clinic began with Ciara Cassell. We have undergone several changes, however our core remains the same- we are dedicated to helping your furry family members.

Dr. Hodgson sold the kenneling business (Animal America) to Karoline Brewer in 2009 and the two of them joint ventured into our new and modern building today. We are able to support each other’s business and offer our customers a convenient one stop shop for your veterinary, boarding, grooming, training, dietary and travel needs for your pets. It is our collective goal to deliver the best one stop service in the metroplex.


Dr. Dale Hodgson has over 35 years in self-owned veterinary clinics and as a Colleyville resident he lives moments away from the clinic, something he has done since 1971. The opportunity to establish an animal clinic in such a dynamic location has been very exciting and we encourage you to become a part of our journey to greater success in this wonderful God given country.

Dale R. Hodgson, DVM


Dr. Dale Hodgson
Hurst Veterinarian | America's Animal Clinic | 817-498-8888


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