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Our mission statement is all about meeting needs. That includes those of our patients, our clients and those of our staff. It is our goal that we will have a prepared and professional staff, current and functional equipment, effective and reasonably priced medications all with the targeted purpose of meeting those needs.

In our geographical and life style area, the greater challenge to our pets health will not be hit by car, mis matings or gunshot wounds. The issues of the decade will be dealing with behavior, genetic/metabolic diseases, over eating, parasite treatment with prevention and dental disease. For the most part these are addressed by client education, periodic laboratory diagnostics, nutritional counseling and surgery when it is called for by the veterinarian.

Regular examinations and vaccinations will be a time of key conversations to educate the clients about upcoming needs of the patient. Compliance will be the responsibility of the client, and this will be affected up or down by the education delivered by the technical and veterinary staff. Annual visits will be scheduled for wellness discussions and examinations. Core vaccinations will be performed at recommended and agreed upon time frames during these annual visits.

Non core vaccinations will be given based on the life style of the pet. There are effective vaccines now available, that when properly give, based on defined canine or feline life styles, will prevent nearly 100% of the infectious diseases that have been identified. The education of and discussions with individual owners will be used to achieve that 100% protection from infectious diseases It is recognized that frequency of vaccination is a topic for in depth discussion. Life style will enter into this conversation for both core and non core vaccinations

As a part of our Mission Statement about meeting the needs of our patients, clients and staff, America's Animal Clinic will enjoy a level of business success as it accomplishes good clinical workups, communicates the need for therapy and encourages client compliance concering the issues of the decade listed above.

Dale R. Hodgson, DVM


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