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Dr. Dale R. Hodgson - Owner/ Lead Veterinarian

doc2.jpgDr. Hodgson is a 1959 graduate of Kansas State University, with a two year background in the US Army Veterinary Corps in California. He practiced medicine in Salina, Kansas and Mineral Wells, Texas before coming to the Colleyville area in 1971. He also worked for 6 years in the 1960s for the USDA in disease eradication with tours in Colorado, Kansas and Texas. This included an opportunity to work in the United Kingdom during the Foot and Mouth outbreak in 1966.

He established Colleyville Animal Clinic in 1971 while simultaneously serving on the Colleyville City Council, working as President of the Colleyville Chamber of Commerce and President of Colleyville Lions Club. He and his wife raised their six children in Colleyville.

He sold Colleyville Animal Clinic in 1989 and it continued to thrive as a practice as Glade Rd. He shifted with focus on a building a  brokerage and appraisal business for veterinarians wishing to sell or refinance their practices. Practice Profiles was a functional business until 1995.

In 1995 he purchased the Railhead Kennel out of bankruptcy, renaming it to A Animal Clinic and Boarding Kennel. He refurbished the facility and rebuilt the business to make a seven figure income. He sold it in 2005 and it continues as a viable entity on Vickery Blvd. in Fort Worth.

Being semi retired, Dr. Hodgson returned to Animal America, a business he started in the mid 80's, working to develop a new entity of shipping pets internationally. Thus, Airpets America became a DBA of the kennel in Colleyville. At this time, plans were started for the kennel, pet shipping and veterinary facility.

In 2009 the kennel and pet shipping business was sold to Karoline Brewer, now at Animal America Pet Resort. He was retained to do the vet work for qualifying pets to ship internationally. Ms. Brewer was able to see the vision of a new facility and together they began seeking a bank to finance the current 11,600 sq. ft. building. In February of 2011 the financing was secured and construction was initiated. With some constructive modifications the facility planned in 2006 became a reality in 2011. The move-in during August 2011 has exceeded all expectations. There is at this time the premier Pet Resort in North Texas with an upscale veterinary clinic to give the pet owner a one stop shopping for the family pet.

Ciara Cassell - Practice Manager

Email: ciara@americasanimal.com

The impact of being involved with animals, specifically show dogs, has affected her social life, education, travel experiences and work ethic. The involvement of showing dogs through the American, Canadian and several European kennel clubs has allowed her to work for professional handlers across the world while breeding and raising her own kennel of Basenjis with her mother. These unique practices have taught her how to handle, identify and treat dogs (and cats!) in a world that very few people get to experience. She has been a member of the team since our opening in 2011, where she was involved in a work-study program through Birdville High School. Although she is pursuing her education in Animal Science, her goals are to become a K9 Police Officer where she can utilize her knowledge of animal handling, passion for hard work and helping the community. She works nights and weekends as an Emergency Veterinary Technician at a Specialty Veterinary Clinic and strives to stay up to date on the latest in Veterinary Medicine. 

Sterling Cassell - Patient Care Coordinator (2016)

Sterling grew up in a household of Basenjis and worked at Animal America Pet Resort for a year before joining our team in January of 2016 as a senior at Birdville High School. He attended their technical program at the Birdville Center for Technology and Advanced Learning to obtain his Certification as a Veterinary Assistant Level 1 and is continuing his training for Level 2 certification. You can find Sterling handling everything from answering phone calls, to running your pets' tests, assisting our doctors during surgery and even cleaning your pets' teeth or filling their medications. He works part-time as an Emergency Veterinary Technician at Animal Emergency Hospital of North Texas and is attending college to pursue his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. He strives to help your pet receive the best quality of care possible, whethere it's routine vaccines, a scary disease, or trauma.  

Rebekah York- Patient Care Coordinator (2012) 

Bekah started her veterinary career in 2010, but joined our team in 2012 as a veterinary nurse for our hospital. She is our main surgical and treatment tech, although you will find her in the rooms, checking your pets in and answering phone calls. She works hand in hand with our doctors to make sure your pet receives the best care possible. Rebekah is also an Emergency Technician at Animal Emergency Hospital of North Texas and is attending college to pursue her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.  

Lisa Heinze- Client Care Coordinator (2014)

Email: lisa@americasanimal.com

 Lisa moved to Texas from Ohio 23 years ago. She has two children (20 and 23 years old) and lives with her many pets of various species. After working at an area veterinary clinic for 12 years and working part-time for her chiropractor, she came on board at America's Animal Clinic April 1st of 2014. Some of her past-times are playing with her horses, teaching Sunday School, helping with wildlife rescue (birds, opossums and squirrels), reading and enjoying time with the kids- two and four footed! She enjoys working with the friendly staff here and hopes to continue to make it her work home for many years.

Karlie Flood- Client Care Coordinator (2013)

Karlie joined our team in 2013 to expand her knowledge and skill set after working at another clinic close by. She left us temporarily to pursue other dreams, but came back the summer of 2016 to continue her career with us. You will find Karlie handling everything from speaking with you on the phone to placing your pet's IV catheters, performing treatments for the doctors and assisting in surgery. She is currently learning anesthesia and hopes to master her surgical nurse skills.



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